“Game Changer” Sermon Series Resource Kit

God is a God of change. Let this sermon series kit drive that home, as you connect the ancient with today in ways that your audience can readily accept. Inside you will find banner files, postcards, screen pics, and so much more. Now… go out and be the church, and help bring those far from God back home to Jesus.

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“Love Does” Sermon Series Kit


With Valentine’s Day dominating the month’s conversation, let us help you spend more time with your people, clearly communicating what love really is. Don’t get caught up trying to do these on your on; we’ve got your back for this and more!

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“Help!” Resource Kit


HELP! God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems” is all about the church helping community find answers to what’s going on in the world around them. And when you think about it, life presents many questions we have a difficult time answering on our own: from horrible neighbors, to out of control kids and a self-destructing marriage, and finding your purpose in the great grand scheme of everything. All around us our questions, and God has the answers. As the church, let’s help people find their way back home to God, and find some answers along the way. We want to help out by giving you this free resource!

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Start Something New Resource Kit

Start Something New

It’s the New Year, which means tons of changes are on the horizon. Well, at least that the intention. We make resolutions, go to the gym, begin eating right, and things are great for a week or two, and then it’s back to the norm. Things can change, and some things should really change.

This week’s freebie to you is our Start Something New resource kit. Use it for your New Year’s series. Use it together with a study through the book of Acts, and tell the story of the new church expanding. If you have a different take on the series, then we’ll give you access to the workable files and you can play with the completely original artwork and subtitles. Whatever it is, we hope you can use this to marge your church with God’s theme of starting something new through the church.

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Uncensored Resource Kit


If churches want to stay relevant within the context of modern culture, then they need to speak the Bible in ways that modern day audiences can hear it. Our Uncensored Resource Kit can help you communicate the hard to discuss topics that churches face, keeping your audiences engaged and visually tuned in.

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Community Service Sermon Series


Churches that want to stay relevant in their community, must serve their community. Jesus was crystal clear about service: He came first to serve. It’s in that spirit, that we release our “Serve Sunday Resource Kit”. This kit has everything you need to craft a single service project, or brand out an entire series.

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